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The Project: We were given the task of producing a full brand identity and printed collateral for a new company in the home wares industry.

The Client: Aston Morris produce high-end handmade baths that are made in Britain and are targeted at the mid to higher price range.

Details: Our first task was to see the brand from the target audience’s point of view. It’s important to get an idea of how the potential customer sees this brand, and how it compares to competitors.
We needed an expensive, traditional design which didn’t come off too old fashioned, since the company produces many modern products as well as traditional varieties.
After research into current design trends from similar industries and brands, as well as ongoing communication with the client, we submitted a variety of logo designs, with accompanying brand colour schemes and font choices. After selecting and developing the chosen design, we had our logo and corporate colour scheme.

Aston Morris logo design from the Underbite Studio Worcester
Aston Morris logo design and corporate colours

Now we had the logo and basic branding in place, we could work on the other aspects of the job…

The company wanted a brochure to illustrate the details and specifications of their products which would be available to download from the company’s website, and in print format for stockists and mailing use.

When designing leaflets and other printed materials, you have another factor to consider. The material itself.
Your paper stock needs to be up to standard with your design. There’s no point in using the lightest paper possible because you’re saving money. Similarly, if you’re designing an distributing a mass mailer or leaflet, designed for one use, using a luxury, thick weighty paper is a massive waste of resources. This boils down to “

We went with a medium weight and satin finish paper stock. We weren’t generally using a lot of bold or dark colour throughout, so we wouldn’t have the problem of seeing print through the back of the page.

The design itself was kept clean and mainly white, adding to the feel we wanted to give off when selling bathroom products. We focused on the “made in Britain” aspect, as well as the handmade and high quality craftsmanship employed by the manufacturer. These details were included on the inside covers where the company introduction would be included.
See below for an example of the pages we designed and included:

Aston Morris brochure cover
Aston Morris brochure inside pages

In all, a successful outcome and a really nice brand identity that fits the company well. Going forward, there will be many high quality products and the marketing materials to match from Aston Morris.

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