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How many times have you seen your beautifully designed advertising not bring in any work, or that new expensive website get no traffic or conversions... and the biggest one, how many times have you hit that blue "boost this post" button and see no return on investment? The problem isn't usually your content or material. It's usually your strategy.

Each different platform has its own unique way of distributing attention to its users and audience. Take Facebook for example. You can't sell your services to Facebook users the same way you would on LinkedIn. There's also no need for a stunning and intricate website if your audience doesn't follow the path you have set out for them (and that's assuming they have found your site in the first place!).

Every good idea needs a plan to back it up...

As we have just read, stunning visuals don't always mean you get the attention you desire, and the loudest sales campaigns don't always make the most money.

This is where your strategy comes in.

We will always start with your main objective, and work back from there. For example, if you want a certain amount of engagement on your Instagram account to attract brands for collaborations, then we look at how and why. Only then can we begin to think of what kind of creative input your brand or business could benefit from.

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